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Biggest airdrops for 2021: dYdX, Radar Relay, Opyn, says analyst

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  • Chico Crypto has outlined which airdrops in 2021 will give their investors the bieggest proftis, with margin trading platform dYdX topping the list.
  • Other expected airdrops include Opyn, Optimism PBC and Radar Relay.

Investors must get ready for the big airdrops of 2021, popular cryptocurrency trader, analyst and YouTuber Tyler Swope has revealed. In a recent video, the trader disclosed his list of the projects he believes will conduct airdrops this year and what investors must do to participate.

dYdX token incoming this year

Topping the list is the decentralized margin trading platform dYdX. The trader, better known to his fans as Chico Crypto, cited dYdX founder Antonio Juliano as the key reason he believes an airdrop is looming. In a podcast interview last year, Juliano revealed he was quite interested in issuing a token.

Juliano claimed in the interview that tokens spur growth, which would be “super positive for dYdX.” Additionally, they give the community a greater voice in the running of the project.

And then in terms of fully decentralizing the protocol, and moving from admin keys to totally decentralized governance of the protocol, I think it’s a very valuable thing as well. We’re pretty seriously thinking about it [issuing a token]from a lot of different angles.

Chico also referred to a blog post by Ryan Adams, the founder of Bankless, which lists dYdX as the top project likely to conduct an airdrop. Ryan was the first cryptocurrency influencer to speculate about the dYdX airdop.

In his post, Ryan states that despite being immensely popular, dYdX still lacks a native token, which he considers conspicuous. “It seems like a prime candidate for an eventual retroactive token airdrop as such,” he adds.

Second on Chico’s list is Radar Relay, a decentralized wallet to wallet trading platform. In an end-of-year letter, CEO Alan Curtis stated, “While most of you aren’t shareholders (yet), you’ve invested your time and energy to help us grow. This letter is to you.”

Chico belies this is a telltale sign that an airdrop is incoming. He stated:

Shareholders yet? That’s a total hint of an incoming airdrop. And what’s funny is Radar in August integrated with dYdX to enable single-click margin trading with DEXes.

An optimistic airdrop

“How about an optimistic token?”

Investors must keep an eye on Optimism PBC, a scaling solution platform for the Ethereum blockchain. Chico cited Dragonfly Capital’s Ashwin Ramachandran who stated that Optimism’s expansion plan may involve “the addition of a network token.”

In its end-of-year review, Optimism further hinted at the possibility of a network token this year. The post claimed, “Look out for our post in January about what’s on our plate for 2021, our path to decentralization, new members of our team and more!”

Chico told his 173,000 subscribers:

The key there is ‘the path to decentralization.’ That path is only done through a token, a governance one. […] Sometimes this month, I predict we will get an announcement of their token. So play with their testnet, figure out how.

The trader also touted OpenSea as a project likely to conduct an airdrop this year. OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital collectibles. Chico hailed OpenSea as the largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace globally, with trading volume growing month after month.

There are many ways to interact with this marketplace. Buying and selling of NFTs is the most common, but they also have the option to create your own NFTs in the DApp.

The other projects likely to conduct airdrops this year are Opyn and Argent wallet.

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