SEC Obtains Emergency Restraining Order Against Telegram’s $1.7 Billion Token Sale

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has obtained an emergency restraining order against the Telegram Group and its subsidiary TON Issuer.  The order has been secured in order to investigate the company’s $1.7 billion token sale. In 2018, The Telegram Open Network #TON raised $1.7B. The round was so successful that the public ICO […]

Analysts Anticipate Ethereum to Drop Towards $170 as Crypto Markets Falter

Ethereum’s recently incurred upwards momentum has faltered after Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets hit a massive level of resistance overnight that shifted the tides and sparked a short-term downtrend. Multiple analysts are now noting that Ethereum may soon target significantly lower lows, which could mean that the recent uptrend was simply a flash in […]

Miners May Be Perpetuating Bitcoin Volatility as Analysts Anticipate Significant Drop

After finding some stability following its bullish upwards movement earlier this week, Bitcoin’s momentum has faltered and is showing bearish signs that may point to an underlying weakness amongst BTC’s bulls. Analysts are now noting that they anticipate a significant downwards movement for Bitcoin in the near-term and are also noting that there may be […]

Breaking: Visa, Mastercard, eBay, Stripe All Leave Libra

Wow. Within the span of an hour or two, reports have revealed that Facebook’s crypto project, Libra, suffered some heavy blows. It first started on Friday morning, with the Financial Times revealing that both eBay, the e-commerce/online marketplace giant, and Stripe, a fintech giant, have dropped out of the Libra Association. Speaking to the outlet, […]