Chainlink Price Analysis: LINK Drops Below Important $3.8 Support But Will The Bleeding Stop?

The bearish scenario is likely to end shortly at 7-weeks rising trend line on the 4-hours chart After facing rejection at the 7-month high, LINK/USD fell and started downward correction Link loses momentum after witnessing a low trading volume LINK/USD: Chainlink Flaunted Short-Term Reversal With Double-Top Pattern, Nearing Key Rebound Level Key Resistance Levels: $3.8 […]

Short Bitcoin ETP (SBTC) Launches On Germany’s Second-Largest Exchange

Boerse Stuttgart is the second-largest exchange in Germany. According to an official release, the venue has launched an unprecedented product in the cryptocurrency industry. The new tracker has a product value that represents the inverse performance of Bitcoin. Short Bitcoin (BTC) ETP On Boerse Stuttgart Boerse Stuttgart continues to expand its products associated with different […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: After $600 Plunge In 48 Hours, Bitcoin Is Facing Huge Critical Support Area

And the volatility continues: The past three weeks for Bitcoin’s price were very volatile. While the coin reached its new year’s high at $10,500, the fluctuations to both sides refuse to calm down over the past days. On our recent Bitcoin price analysis, we mentioned that Bitcoin was surging $300 intraday (towards the $10,000) and […]

Do people really care about decentralization in blockchain?

Decentralization means a great deal to those who religiously follow crypto and are interested in applying distributed ledger technology in everyday life. Or perhaps you are an anti-institutionalist who does not trust governments and central banks with your savings. No doubt, there is a huge number of people who are technologically aware who know of […]

Ethereum price swaying with Bitcoin; what to expect?

The queen of cryptocurrency Ethereum ETH has been swaying with Bitcoin BTC since the recent rallies at the start of February. Ethereum price movement is pretty much stuck in a similar pattern, i.e., a head and shoulder formation, albeit a rather deformed one in the case of Ethereum. In the past 24-hours Ethereum price shredded […]

Ethereum Eyes Downside Thrust Before A Strong Upsurge

Ethereum is currently declining and trading below $270 levels against the US Dollar. ETH price could dive towards the $255 support area before it starts a fresh upward move. Ethereum struggled to climb above the $280 resistance and declined recently against the US Dollar. The price is currently declining and trading below the $265 support […]

How Ethereum foundation and UNICEF are improving mass adaption?

The recent Ethereum foundation and UNICEF – the United Nations International Children’s Education Fund – went into a funding transaction where the Foundation donated cryptocurrency in Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH for crypto experiments. The donation worth about 150,000 in the United States dollar has been put into the UNICEF’s cryptocurrency-related experimental funding area and […]