EOS Price: retraces above $2.630

With a day’s range of $2.612 to $2.629, the EOS price line retraces back above $2.630 on December 13. EOS Price 24-Hour Analysis Price Chart by TradingView As per the price chart that is shown above, EOS started the day with a trading price of $2.581, after which it varied between $2.570 and $2.590 until […]

Why Bitcoin Price Crossing $10,000 is so Important: Top Investor Explains

For some reason or another, Bitcoin investors have long gravitated to round numbers. $1, that’s important. $100, make sure you watch that level. $1,000, all hands on deck. According to a prominent cryptocurrency investor and commentator, there’s truth to the importance of these round numbers, especially in this nascent market. Related Reading: Last Weekly Golden […]

Ethereum’s Volatility Is at Multi-Year Lows; Is a Massive Movement Imminent?

Ethereum and the aggregated crypto markets have been caught in a firm downtrend since early-November, and dwindling trading volume has resulted in ETH and other cryptocurrencies facing an ongoing period of sideways trading that has been frustrating for investors and traders alike. This lack of volatility has especially impacted Ethereum, which is currently witnessing the […]

Make a Cryptocurrency Exchange in Egypt using Huobi Cloud Services

​ ​ https://preview.redd.it/ofazjw4ung441.jpg?width=700&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e0c66ed7d32eddd602dadc550e242156e42e66a9 Egypt Crypto awareness has been increasing over the past few years and hence the need of a local cryptocurrency exchange has increased The current awareness shows how big is the crypto trading in Egypt for Example in localbitcoins , one of the most popular OTC platforms , Egyptians are trading Bitcoins with […]

Dash Price: Peaks at $50.50

Dash price showcased bullish upsurges as the 12th of December unfolded. The price increased by 1.5 percent in comparison to the close of the 11th of December.  Dash Price Analysis – 12th December (DASH/USD) Dash Price Chart by Trading View As shown by the graph above, the Dash price has shown some bullish upsurges over […]

VeChain Buyback Crypto Wallet Hacked of 1.1 Billion VET

Cybercrime is rife across the crypto industry, ranging from SIM-card swap hacks, phishing attempts, password cracking, and even cryptocurrency mining malware. Today, the altcoin project known as VeChain experienced that first hand. The project’s buyback wallet containing a substantial amount of VET tokens was hacked, and the VeChain Foundation is now hard at work doing […]

Stablecoins Could Be Crypto’s True Killer App

During the crypto hype bubble and Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, speculation ran wild due to the incredible potential the emerging technology could bring to the world, if only the technology could find its “killer app” – something that makes the technology a must-have addition to daily life. While a clear killer app never arrived, there’s evidence […]

Why Choosing the Right Cryptocurrency Exchange Is More Important Than Ever

When it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, the vast majority of both budding and experienced traders alike tend to settle for the first option. This, however, is rarely the best choice. In the past decade, cryptocurrency exchanges have gone through a revolution of sorts, with numerous new cryptocurrency exchanges launching with features that even […]