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Alternative Media Attacks Bitcoin: A Response To “Bitcoin Cannot Free Palestine”

It’s obvious that bitcoin can’t free Palestine, let’s begin there. The bitcoin network just offers better money, not a miracle cure. It offers a decentralized currency that can’t be debased by any government, no more, no less. The author of “Bitcoin Cannot Free Palestine” says, “at the heart of Bitcoin’s appeal is the urgent and necessary pursuit of Palestinian financial independence.” Ok, bitcoin can help with that particular problem. “Ultimately, there is no replacement for a political resolution to end the colonization of Palestinians,” she claims, stating the obvious.

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Another day, another journalist that didn’t do her homework and comes to attack bitcoin with the weakest arguments possible. “An independent Palestinian economy will not arise magically out of a sovereign currency, digital or otherwise.” Of course it won’t. Who claimed otherwise? Hadas Thier’s article seems to be a response to Alex Gladstein’s “Can Bitcoin be Palestine’s Currency of Freedom?” As you can see, there’s a huge difference between Gladstein’s premise and Thier’s wild claims.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the author has no problem lying to get her point across. There might be no malice in the fact that she uses “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrencies” interchangeably, even though that fact invalidates her whole argument. Maybe this isn’t her field and she’s as confused as the average citizen. However, there’s definite intellectual dishonesty in claiming that private keys can be seized and El Salvador has lost money, for example. 

Let’s see what the author actually said and answer each of the wild-wild claims.

Since this publication’s focus is bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we’ll stick to the claims pertaining to these two topics. Everything else is out of our jurisdiction.

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Can Bitcoin Help Palestine? Of Couse, It Can

The article starts a little shaky, it’s obvious that technology is not the author’s forte.

“They argue that Bitcoin, the oldest and most widely held among thousands of cryptocurrencies, could be used to subvert Israeli sanctions and financial control of the money supply, give an occupied and isolated people a means to transact financially with the outside world and allow individual Palestinians a means to save in cyberspace.”

Geez, cyberspace? Really? Is this article from the year 2000? Anyway, bitcoin can definitely do all of that. And does it every day for people who are willing to put in the work and figure out how to use it. The author is far away from that group. She hasn’t even started learning about the miracle that is bitcoin and it’s already trying to ridicule it. 

“Since local crypto transactions in Gaza and the West Bank do not connect
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