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3 Lessons From The Oslo Freedom Forum: BTC Is Different – Neigut, Alden, Feinstein

The Oslo Freedom Forum offers another perspective. The value of the bitcoin network becomes self-evident when seen from the standpoint of activists like these or these. This time, though, we pass the mic to a developer, an economist, and an entrepreneur, all American. They give us a one-minute lesson on what makes bitcoin special. An innovation like no other. The Oslo Freedom Forum wasn’t a bitcoin event, but the subject was always present. 

The Human Rights Foundation’s Alex Gladstein took the time to cut these short but powerful lessons and Bitcoinist made a commitment to reflect them. Let’s widen the shot and get some perspective into what the bitcoin network brings to the world.

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Oslo Freedom Forum: Lisa Neigut On Permissionlessness

Lightning engineer at Blockstream and educator at Base58, “a bitcoin protocol school,” Lisa Neigut explains the core difference between the bitcoin network and a CBDC system. 

“That C in CBDC stand for centralized, right? That means that there’s a central processor that’s going to be seeing every transaction that gets made in this bank currency will have to go through a central processor, which that opportunity has an opportunity to be decided whether or not that’s a transaction or a value exchange that they want to permit we talk about permission there. When you’re using a permissionless system like Bitcoin and the privacy thing is a whole other spectrum within the extent of trackability there’s a difference between being able to be tracked versus being able to actually effectively exchange value and that’s the permissionless which is super core to Bitcoin.”

There’s a huge difference. In fact, one is an innovation and the other is the same thing humanity has been doing for the last hundred years with disastrous results. A permissionless system is a prerequisite for a trustless system, also. 

Oslo Freedom Forum: Lyn Alden On the Proof-Of-Work Innovation

A well-known figure in the bitcoin space, Lyn Alden took it into herself to dismantle the idea that Proof-Of-Stake is a substitute for Proof-Of-Work. The Alden Investment Strategy’s founder and “macroeconomic analyst and investor” accomplished that by describing the “circular logic” that plagues Proof-Of-Stake systems:

“The Proof-Of-Stake essentially relies on circular logic where the largest coin holders determine the state of the ledger and the state of the ledger determines who the largest coin holders are. And so that’s
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