Kaleido and QEDIT combat anti-privacy together

Kaleido has tactically secured a partnership with a firm that deals in privacy solutions for blockchains. Kaleido aims to fortify its blockchain that’s offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) with privacy gear to make up for its shortcomings against the competition. Kaleido’s new buddy The deal between Kaleido and QEDIT took place at the Ethereal Summit, […]

Ripple XRP price is heading into a bearish breakout?

Ripple XRP price action is going through a fix, and the situation is certainly not helping Ripple despite the expansion plans and other efforts for stability. Analysts are also quite on Ripple XRP price action since the 12th of September 2019, since the price has seen little bearish movement until today. Ripple XRP price saw […]

Litecoin price analysis shows volatile break out to $70

Litecoin price action has been unstable for the past few days owing to the falling hashrate after the most recent Litecoin (LTC) halving. Litecoin price has now broken out of the bearish fall to sixty-seven dollars ($67) range. However, despite hitting back the seventy dollars ($70) mark so far the price is shaky and there […]